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Methodist Academy
Mile 7, Bakau, The Gambia
Phone (220) 4373539
Mission Statement: Gambia Methodist Academy is a Junior and Senior Secondary School founded in 1995 by the Methodist Mission. The school is dedicated to serve students with a variety of academic preparations, through instruction in the humanities, social, moral, natural sciences and business. The outcome is the educated person full of knowledge and discipline.

Gambia Methodist Academy provides an opportunity for education to all regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin or ethnic background.

Admission to The Gambia Methodist Academy is strictly based on merit. There are no special feeder schools. The school, however, does not conduct its own examination. Instead, it makes use of examinations conducted by The West Africa Examination Council, WAEC for admission purposes. Students are admitted to grades 7 and to grade 10 in the months of August/September. Cut off marks vary from year to year and from department to department incase of the senior secondary school. For further information link up to PROGRAMS

The Gambia Methodist Academy is a mission school. To this effect, our business is not only to promote academic excellence in the students but also to inculcate a strong sense of discipline as well as high moral standards in our students. This is probably one of the main reasons why every parent wants his or her child to school with us. We must add here that we do these with moderation and appeal. We do not police our students since most, if not all, of our students already know what is expected of them.
The Gambia Methodist Academy, though physically small and relatively very young, is a name to be reconed with in the field of sports. We have won series of trophies where older and larger schools have failed. We are however not resting on our laurels for we strongly believed that the sky is the limit.

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We are at mile 7, Bakau. Just few metres from The Radio Gambia. Come in and visit us and we would appreciate it. Outside Gambia? Well visit us at our website:
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